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Ahmad Zia Massoud: Traitors are those Who Rigged the Election and Looted Kabul Bank

KABUL – Afghanistan National Front (ANF) leader Ahmad Zia Massoud on Monday accused the government of seeking to perpetuate its rule through undemocratic means such as implicating political foes in “trumped-up cases”. Massoud told a press conference in Kabul, the office of Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, ANF Leader and a member......
Human Rights

PAKISTAN: Army creates an organization to kill intellectuals and activists in Balochistan, in the name of peace

An organization claiming to work for the restoration of peace in Balochistan province has confessed to the killings of many activists, and has announced its intention to kill 35 more activists on its hit list in recent weeks. The organization has three activists in its custody and announces that at......

The message of Ustad Mohaqiq in relation to the 16th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari

Keeping pace with the changes in human life and developments in various scientific, technological, political and social fields with the changes of the world and such challenging questions; political equation is based on the new firmness. Latest dictions have become the political and human rights norms in the contemporary world.......