Representative from People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, Europe and United Kingdom


The representative of Hezb-e Wahdat Islami Mardom-e Afghanistan in the Europe and United Kingdom called an emergency meeting in London on 23.07.2012 and discussed the recent incident which occurred in Wardak. The representative of H. W. UK and Europe has strongly condemned the recent incident of barbaric killings of 5 academic Hazara community members, who were in route from Bamyan to Kabul. Similar incident took place in 19th of July 2012 in Urozgan in which 3 Hazara innocent members were targeted.

The R.H.W. UK and Europe offer condolences to the relatives and families and pray for the passing souls of the victims. Initial report says they were six people when they were stopped and kidnapped from Maidan to an unknown place. Later on their dead bodies were found and one of them managed to escape the killings. The incident took place in Maidan district of Wardak province on Saturday.

We demand Karzai government to arrest the perpetrators and investigate this heinous crime. Such incident undermines the harmony and peace in Afghanistan and it further increases the cloud of a doubt on to Karzai administrations, whether they are sincere for peace and security of the country. They must secure the civilian from terrorists. If the Karzai government will not take it serious, as such incidents may lead us to a chaos and divert the peace process into a civil war and unrest. I am pretty sure that no one wants a civil war but targeting one particular community in a heinous manner will increase the chance of anarchy and civil war.

We request from Human rights watch Afghanistan to take notice of innocent civilian killings and also request from the parliament and politicians of Afghanistan to play their positive role over the killings of the innocent civilian.

Thank you

People’s Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan
Europe and United Kingdom