Fleeing persecution, he passed away in Indonesia


Rehmatullah Behrami – an ethnic Hazara asylum seeker and then ‘Refugee’ succumbed to death on Thursday 7th of June 2012 after colliding with a mini truck in Bogor, Indonesia. He has eventually been found genuine ‘Refugee’ by UNHCR after going through several interviews and was on a prolonged waiting list to-be-resettled in a third country thru SO-CALLED proper channel. There are thousands of asylum seekers on this list waitingto be given the right to live liberally by the goddess of furtune.

Suffering rigorous torture, mental trauma and harassment for almost two years in detention centers of Indonesia, he got released seven months ago and moved to Bogor – a town near Jakarta, said Jalil Ahmed Hazara, one of his closest friends.

Jalil himself is an asylum seeker currently detained in Tanjung Pinang detention center recalling his memories with Behrami says: “We have never asked for any favor and privilege, what we desire and ask for is our basic human right. A right that every human being has that is to live liberally and peacefully, please let us live”

Behrami fled his home country leaving behind his family and their fate on the mercy of GOD, two and half years ago. He was arrested by Indonesian authorities in his way from Malaysia to Jakarta. Since then he was held captive in various detention centers in Indonesia where he finally got released.

Another asylum seeker also lost his life last year out of a traffic accident in Indonesia.

Team HAS offers its deepest condolences to the grieved family and wishes a secure life for them.

May his soul rest in peace!