Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq’s vehicles attacked in Maidan Wardak


The incident took place in Mulla Kheil area, Maidan Wardak province.

Taliban militants on Thursday evening attacked the convoy of Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq Afghan parliament member.

The incident took place in Maidan Wardak province in close to central Bamiyan province of Afghanistan.

A source close to Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq confirming the report said the incident took place while the vehicles of Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq was on his way towards Kabul city.

The exact location of the incident is unknown however reports suggest at least One driver of Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq was injured following the incident.

In the meantime Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq was flown out of the Bamiyan after his house was attacked by unknown gunmen in this province last night.