Mohaqiq Accuses Government of Assassination Attempt


Mohaqiq accused the government for planning the attack on his life

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq has accused government men of being involved in an assassination attempt on his life on Wednesday night while he was at his office.

Mohaqiq, a member of the opposition group National Front and the head of the People’s Unity Party of Afghanistan, said that a group of armed men attacked the National Unity office in Bamyan province while he was talking to reporters.

Mohaqiq accused the government for planning the attack on his life, saying it feared the plans of the National Front.

“The government fears the National Front’s plans so it wants to launch a mental war against adherents of to the National Front,” he said.

He said there was a clash between his security guards and the attackers for some thirty minutes, but he did not mention any casualties.

“We have right to speak on the shortcomings and defects of the government,” Mohaqiq said. “We have our own programme but we should not be answered with accusations and armed attacks.”

National Front spokesman Faizullah Zaki said: “[Former parliamentary member] Najibullah Kabuli himself has said that the National Front must be set on fire, the National Front must be killed, attack the homes of National Front members. Kabuli himself has used such words, so Kabuli is a device of the extremist circles and these circles were involved in the Bamyan attack.”