Ahmad Zia Massoud, ANF Leader: Govt. must Stop the Insurgency in Behsud


Afghanistan National Front (ANF), Leader Ahmad Zia Masoud

KABUL – Afghanistan National Front (ANF), in its press release, issued by the Front leader Ahmad Zia Masoud on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, advised the government that the issue of Kochis in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak Province, should be solved immediately and appropriate measures must be carried out so that the situation may not get out of control.

The press release said: Our country has once again witnessed a gigantic human tragedy in Behsud district, which every year inflicts a large number of human casualties and loss of property for the local residents. In accordance to the statements of the residents of the area, Taliban insurgents have also been involved in the assaults along with the Kochis that have resulted in the loss of life and property for the locals.

It further added: It should be noticed that in accordance to the Presidential decree no. 541 on April 19, 2008 that Kochis should be settled in a definite area so that this bloody tragedy should be resolved. The inability of the concerned authorities to follow the promises made in the last year and the suspicious silence observed by the government clearly depicts that the government wants to divert the attentions of the people away from its incompetency in maintaining security, good governance, anti-narcotics efforts and corruption through these local conflicts and tussles.

AFN, in the press release, vehemently condemned the repetition of political utilization of the issue by the government and emphasized that the settlement of the Kochis in a definite area must be carried out as it would be in accordance to the constitution. It also demanded that the government must stop the insurgency in Behsud and follow the promises made last year.

ANF also cautioned that it has been maintaining a close look at the situation in Behsud and in case of negligence may take required action to control the situation. (PR)