Govt. has Failed to Respond Public Demands: ANF


On Wednesday, Maimana, the provincial capital of Faryab, witnessed one of the largest rallies of its history.

FARYAB – As a part of its spring campaign, Afghanistan National Front (ANF) continues to hold rallies in the Northern Afghanistan. On Wednesday, Maimana, the provincial capital of Faryab, the most populated province of the North witnessed one of the largest rallies of its history.
ANF, which successfully held a big rally last week in Shiberghan, Jawzjan, held its second successful rally in Faryab. Addressing tens of thousands of spectators, Ahmad Zia Massoud, the chairman of the ANF said, “The upcoming presidential election of 2014 has the role of a milestone in the peace and stability of our country… whoever tries to influence the election illegally or to steal the public mandate would commit a crime and national treason. We will not allow them to manipulate the democratic process.”

Ahmad Zia Massoud said that the substantial reforms in the political system which could accommodate the national diversity with due honor is the only path towards peace and prosperity.

Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, the popular Hazara leader said, “It is up to Karzai, to adopt the democratic path or the path of Qaddafi; in the first option he might be still remembered with good name in our history but if he adopts the undemocratic path to increase the lifespan of his rule, he will face fierce resistance by Afghans.”

Mohaqiq said that government has failed to deliver on political and development fronts. Human rights, gender equality, growing corruption are the serious questions to Karzai administration.
“Government rather than thinking about the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country cares about the amnesty of the terrorists,” he said.

Mohaqiq said that the demands of the National Front regarding the decentralization of Power and parliamentary form of democracy are the legitimate demands of the people of Afghanistan.

Abdur Rashid Dostum the leader of Junbish Party said, “We will abide by the democratic rule but if the efforts to derail the democracy continue, we will resist and fight for the people’s right.” “Taliban don’t believe in peace and they will not lay down their weapons nor accept the values depicted in our constitution……The peace process is flawed…… Gen. Dostum is still alive to safeguard the constitution and prevent Taliban from returning in power by undemocratic means,” he said.

Haji Aman Khairi, another top leader of the ANF, said, “Distance between people and government is increasing day by day which is because of the inefficiency of the government. The current government is not able to address the corruption and the system based on corruption.”

At the end of the rally the elders of Faryab province tied their waists with red scarf and assured their full support.