ANF Accused Karzai for Misinterpreting SPA


SHIBERGHAN – At the start of its spring campaign Afghanistan National Parties held a big public rally in Shiberghan, Jowzjan province on Wednesday. Addressing the rally Afghanistan National Front (ANF) leaders accused the government for promoting corruption and ill governance. They welcomed the US-Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) but blamed president Karzai for misinterpreting parts of the agreement for personal gain. The speakers once again asked for the change of political system from presidential to parliamentary form of democracy and decentralization of power with elected local governors.

“Our demand is in accordance with the constitution, it is just a misleading propaganda by the government that our demands are beyond constitution, I ask them to read the article 136 and 137 of the our constitution which support the decentralization of power and the set of our demands which is not depicted in the constitution, there are ways for the amendment of the constitution,” said Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq.

Addressing the largest rally after the formation of the opposition alliance Gen. Abdur Rashid Dostum said, “ANF supports peace initiative by any country either it is Qatar or Saudi Arabia but Taliban has to renounce the violence, lay down their weapons and detach them from Al-Qaeda… if they tried to regain power by violence the people of Afghanistan will resist and stand by their National Security Forces.””we will not tolerate Taliban to lapse the rights of our women and civil society,” he said.

Ahmad Zia Massoud, the chairman of the ANF said, “Government is failed to fulfill the basic demand of the people. It is the time for a change since the present administration lost its capacity and the self-confidence to address the legitimate demand of people which is nothing but simple a peaceful and honorable life.” “There won’t be a single step back with regards to out righteous demand since this is the only way forward to bring peaceful balanced system and the only path toward an accountable system,” he added.

Haji Aman Khairi said, “the demand of decentralization is not confined to a specific region, ethnic or lingual group of our country but it is a countrywide demand. The people of South and East also need the elected and fair local administration.”

It was the largest rally of ANF in the northern city of Shiberghan, around 30 to 35 thousand people attended the rally. The attendees supported the resolution by standing up and loudly chanting of “Allah Akbar.”
The resolution contains the following points:
1. Keeping in view the present state of situation and the outlook of post 2014 Afghanistan, we support the decision of ANF for welcoming the Strategic Partnership Agreement (SPA) between Afghanistan and the USA. At the same time it is to be mentioned that we condemn all sort of manipulation of the SPA by the ruling circles in particular in wrong explanation of the article of the agreement which contradicts the article 4 of the constitution which insists on the sovereignty of the country.

2. We understand that peace and stability has been prime needs of our dear country but unfortunately witness that the peace process has been unilateral and Taliban never desire for peace. Since Taliban have not yet renounced violence nor denounced Al- Qaeda we express our concerns over the government’s ignorance of the violent activities of Taliban and denying them as a real strategic threat. That’s why we strongly support the proposal of ANF for a transparent, comprehensive and honorable peace in our country.

3. We understand that Elections is the heart of democracy and demand for transparent, free and fair presidential and provincial councils’ elections. We also warn that any attempt to repeat efforts for stealing the mandate of the people would bear the grave consequences for our country. Therefore we strongly support the joint statement of the Afghanistan National Front and the National Coalition of Afghanistan dated 23,04,2012 and call upon political parties and civil society to join hands in this regards

4. We strongly support the righteous demand of the ANF for Changing of the presidential System to Parliamentary form of democracy, elected provincial and district governors and devolution of power from center to peripheries by empowerment of the provincial councils. We believe that accountable administration in center, provinces and the districts would properly respond to the basic demands of the people and may help in curbing corruption and ill-governance and help the country to proceed on the path of development and prosperity.

5. We assure the leadership council of the ANF of our indestructible support to achieve the aims and objectives of the Front to change our country into a land of peace, prosperity and social justice