National Front Calls for Overhaul of Presidential Regime


Afghan political party National Front and a US Congressional delegation said the endemic corruption and passiveness of Afghanistan’s current government is a result of its governing structure under a “presidential regime”.
A joint statement issued by the National Front and a US congressional delegation on Sunday said Afghanistan’s government needed major changes ahead of the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

National Front leader Ahmad Zia Massoud said at a press conference in Kabul that a better governance system would be a parliamentarian regime.

“Both [the National Front and the US delegation] believe that a parliamentarian regime is a good alternative for Afghanistan at the moment,” Massoud said Sunday.

“The US congressional delegation and National Front demand a rapid change of the regime.”

Meanwhile, the head of the Congressional delegation, Republican senator from Texas Louie Gohmert, said that return of the Taliban will not be accepted.

“We will not tolerate the Taliban arising again and the heretical violence with which they treat women and children and people who may disagree with them. That cannot stand,” he said.

“And if the people of Afghanistan make that clear, America will always stand with you in that fight.”

The US delegation was made up of five senators who were in Kabul for a day, arriving Saturday and leaving today.

The National Front again expressed its support for peace negotiations but said that if Taliban continues to kill civilians, the Afghan people will continue their fight against them. (Tolo News)