30 Hazaras Got Abducted In Afghanistan: Officials



According to the authorities 30 members of Hazara ethnic community had been kidnapped by the Gunmen in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday. These gunmen were wearing the army uniform.

No group has neither demanded for the ransom nor had claimed any responsibility for the attack on Monday evening.

The 30 members were travelling by bus and were returning back from Iran as per the officials. The gunmen attacked these members on Monday evening in Zabul province on the road between the western city of Herat and the capital Kabul.

According to the witness, the gunmen kidnapped only the men on those two buses and not the women and children who were travelling with them.

A female passenger said, “They only took Hazaras, including my cousins. After they took the people, the police arrived but they refused to go after the kidnappers, saying they needed orders from Kabul.”

Sediq Sediqqi, Interior ministry spokesman said that police were doing everything for the safe release of those members.

In a similar incident last July, 14 bus passengers identified as belonging to the Hazara group were killed by the Taliban militants in the central province of Ghor.