Won’t accept fabricated election results: Dr. Abdullah



Kabul, Feb 2 (IANS) Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah, who lost to President Hamid Karzai in 2009 presidential elections, Sunday warned that he would not accept forgery and fabricated result of the coming election scheduled for April 5.

“We want the coming elections to be a fair and transparent one. We do not accept the result of a fabricated and unfair election,” Abdullah warned in a public gathering on the first day of the election campaign.

Campaign for Afghanistan’s third presidential elections formally commenced Sunday amid tight security as the Taliban had threatened to disrupt the polling process, reported Xinhua.

At least eleven candidates have registered as contestants in the race.

Abdullah, who emerged as a potential candidate in the last election, had accused Karzai of forgery in the previous election, warning that the upcoming elections should be fair and transparent, otherwise the result “won’t be acceptable”.

Announcing his programmes, Abdullah promised to create more jobs, revive economy and work for maintaining peace and security.

He said he would develop friendly relations with neighbouring countries and the international community if elected as the president.

Abdullah said Afghanistan needs lasting support of the international community and inking bilateral security agreement with the US would pave the way for continuation of support to the country.

Source: IANS