Calculated Attack on Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq



Yesterday, June 18, a strong explosion shook hard the western part of the Kabul city. The explosion was strong enough that was heard almost over the entire western part of the city. Some Kabul university students were saying that most of them stood in their classes after explosion shook the buildings in spite of over three Kilometers distance from location of the explosion.

Later on, reports flowed to internal and external newspapers saying that Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, the leader of Hezb-e-Wahdat Islami, and member of lower house of the parliament was the main target of the bombing.

According to eyewitness, his armor vehicle was terribly distorted. His friend, minutes after the explosion, posted on his timeline in facebook that the armored vehicle of Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq was cracked and wrinkled in a manner that was similar to barrel that rolled down from the top of a mountain.

No doubt, the only reason he survived the explosion was his armored vehicle. In addition, the power of the explosion indeed shows that the planners of the attack were completely trying to blow off his armored vehicle. Three people were killed and many more were injured.

Right after the explosion, many people worried that something might not have happened to Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq. Presently, the political situation is complicated as well as very fragile. He is a strong opposition political leader and enjoys deep and huge influence in a part of the community. His loss is highly dangerous for the current situation.

Any such kind of incidents can be interpreted as plot by the enemies of the country. Two years ago, when Prof. Rabbani was killed, protestors marched into streets and blamed the government for failure to protect him. Many were chanting slogans against government officials, including Mr. President. Definitely, people are not ready for such a loss and any such terrible incident can further complicate the situation or even spark new round of instability.

Thus, people should be aware that militants who fought against government during last 12 years are embarking to any notorious tool to achieve their objective. The only and only goal they have is destabilization of the country because it is the only way that paves the way for them to recapture the country. Therefore, Afghans should be aware of militants’ plot in order to avoid any emotional movements and activities that bring unwanted consequences.