Govt. Flouting Democratic Norms: Massoud


KABUL – Afghanistan National Front (ANF) leader Ahmad Zia Massoud on Saturday accused the government of trying to hamper genuine activities of political parties and civil society organisations.

At the opening ceremony for the head office of the Junbish Mili Islami, led by Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum in Kabul, Masoud said political and civil society groups were striking root in Afghanistan.

As they were trying to promote political stability and democracy in the country, the nascent political forces should be allowed to grow and play a proactive role in stabilizing the country, he added.

Restrictions on political parties amounted to damaging democracy, remarked the former vice-president, who referred to international democratic norms of respect for the groups in power and opposition.

But the current system in Kabul did not respect such rules of the game, he claimed, arguing: “President Karzai is moving the goalposts and curbing political activities because he has no party.”

The new chairman of the Junbish Mili Islami party, Azizullah Kargar, promised his party would serve the people and support peace negotiations based on justice and covering the entire country. (Pajhwok)