Press Release | Hazara International Forum of Great Britain (HIF)


The Hazara International Forum of Great Britain (HIF) regrets to share with its people that the alliance between HIF and Hazara Organization UK (HO) cease to exist henceforth. The mentioned coalition called ‘Hazara Progressive Alliance (HPA)’ was formed in 2011 with the visionary objectives of uniting Hazaras around the world and raising a cohesive voice against the target killings and other atrocities committed against our public anywhere on the globe.

During the recent heart breaking incidents of Quetta and the sit-in protest by our brother, sisters, mothers and children in extremely strenuous circumstances, HIF felt with great perseverance that both the parties in the alliance couldn’t agree a unanimous strategy to support the victims and their families. We were of the opinion that we must stand side by side with the overwhelming majority of our people and strengthen the stance of sit-in demonstration rather than the hunger striking camp. The chairman of Hazara International Forum Haji Marzooq Ali and its council members had long campaigned for ‘The Governor Rule’ in Balochistan as a solution to the miseries and desolations of the Hazara minority. It’s on the records that Haji Marzooq called for the dissolution of the corrupt and tyrannical provincial government on a number of occasions, most notably at a protest in front of Pakistan Embassy IN 2009.

The bitter disappointment of reaching an amalgamated response despite the desperate deliberation and consultation between the sides has inevitably taken its toll on the shared Morale of the Hazara Progressive Alliance. It has been realized that mutual working from the platform of the alliance is getting increasingly difficult. As HIF is the party of Hazara Masses, it has no intention of harming the unity, collective cause, interests and wellbeing of its people in the way of dividing the nation by any means what so ever.  As a matter of our humble principles, we have always and will always resist any such attempts.

Hazara international Forum wishes the Hazara Organization all the best and going forward, we will strive to serve the nation from the platform of our party as we have done continually with the help and support our venerable people. We would like to request all our patrons to share their thoughts with us as always.

Long Live Hazaras, Long Live Hazaragi.