The joint protest statement of Afghan students and refugees in Turkey against the systematic genocide of Hazaras in Quetta Pakistan


The target killing of Hazaras in Pakistan is a bloody tragedy which is in display by ethnic and religious extremists in last few years.

The greatness and esteem of humanity which Quran-e-Karim and Human Rights declaration says about has been trampled by the primitive ignorance nowadays. The ignorant which is just bombing, exploding and a tool for massacre of human beings.

It is more than a decade that Hazaras either in Afghanistan and Pakistan are being massacred by the fundamentalists; the tragedies of Afshar in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Yakawlang in Bamyan and this time at Quetta Pakistan. These fundamentalists who see their bless in ignorance, killing, crime and ethnic purification and has kept the systematic ethnic purification and massacre of Hazaras in their hearts while United nations, international community and today’s modern Human Rights are just watching these bloody tragedies and ethnic purification. Is the human dignity which is declared in the human rights and United Nations charter dead that UN and Human Rights are silent against crimes, ethnic and religious purification by today’s ignorant extremists?

It is more than two years that Hazaras in Quetta are being under terroristic and suicide attacks, and they can’t go out of the area where they live; their homes are turned to prison for them thus these all caused them being discharged of their daily business and incomes, and many times religious extremists warned them rather to leave the area or wait for another attack and massacre. In this situation does the human community’s conscience wake up so that to break the silence against these genocides and the trampling of human’s dignity? Can we call what is left from the past against Hazaras in Afghanistan and Pakistan is not rather than an organized genocide? Indeed, by which modern standard the genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan is justified? Isn’t it the time that the human community’s conscience awake against this trampled humanity by the religious extremists, and think of a solution for the oppressed people of Quetta?

Today our gathering and protest rally is for a move toward compassion for humanity which is trampled by ignorance.  Our shouts are an elegy for those people who live with blood which is calling the human conscience and dignity for help. Therefore it is requested from all the Human Rights organizations, United Nations, human right communities and the Islamic republic of Pakistan to take serious actions against massacre, target killing and genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan.

Accordingly we protestors confirm and want serious action for the following materials:

  1. We seriously condemn the massacre of Hazaras in Quetta and see that as genocide and discrimination against Hazaras.
  2. We see the continuing crimes as an organized action from known and unknown groups  from neighboring countries for their detective, civil wars to bring a distance between nation and religious groups and for bringing psychological warfare against each other. We condemn the continuation of such criminality actions against humanity, prejudice for bringing hate among the nations and people.
  3. We want Pakistan government to do their best and sooner and sooner take serious action for the prevention of such ruthlessly massacre and put in action the promises which Mr Raja Ashraf the prime minster of Pakistan made towards protesters of Alamdar Road and practice the demands of Hazaras in Quetta regarding their safety.
  4. The government of Pakistan many times promised to secure the safety of Hazaras in Quetta but unfortunately the massacre is still going on. We want that the government of Pakistan stop promising and slogans and take practical steps to secure Hazaras safety and take serious actions to suppress and discourage extremisms.
  5. We want from United Nations and world community to bring pressure on the government of Pakistan so that to stop the genocide, massacre and ethnic purification.
  6. We want from region countries specially Turkey and other neighboring countries not close their eyes regarding the international terrorism and religious extremism because this violence and suicide virus may contaminate the world once again.
  7. We want from all Hazaras around the world to share and convey the voice of innocence of Hazaras to the world and not to let the Abdul-Rahmani executioners to continue the massacre and ethnic purification of Hazaras.