A Photo Story on Education in Hazarajat

Due to many reasons, Afghanistan, in general is continuously struggling to improve in education sector. However, there are places where education is indeed improving and popular – most particularly, Hazaraja ethnic Hazara areas of Central Afghanistan. Bamyan and Daikundi are two of the provinces in Hazarajat, mostly Hazara populated. Departments of Education from Bamyan and Daikundi claim that education ratio among children are the highest in Afghanistan. Thanks to peaceful people who keep away from insurgency and cherish education after years of civil war.

Hazaras are achieving new milestones in education each year. Nearly 50% of students are female, no restrictions for girls to get education, number of Hazara students tops in university entry tests each year. Nonetheless, Hazaras achieve education milestones not easily. They face great hardships to overcome illiteracy.


Without any security threat and social hindrances, hundreds of schools are run on regular basis in Hazara populated areas in Afghanistan. Thousands of children study in extremely piteous conditions. Schools lack very basic facilities.

Majority of the schools have no buildings at all. It means no classrooms, no shelter for students against heat and cold weather. This high school is located in Silbitu, Sangtakht District, Daikundi Province.

Some schools establish their classes under trees. Still it cannot guarantee the students a shelter from heat and cold weather. At least some of the students, teacher and the blackboard can be sheltered from harsh terrain. This primary school is located in Deh Malik Village, Kitti District, Daikundi Province.

With the help of local population and students, very few schools have self-built sheltered classrooms. But still lacks walls. This is high school from Kissow Village, Kitti District, Daikundi Province.


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