Conference on Genocide of Hazaras in Uk Parliament


Conference on Genocide of Hazaras held in 10 committee room parliament house Westminster, Organised by Hazara International Forum, Hazara organisation of Great Britain, and Friends of Hazara.

The speakers in the conference overviewed the historical perspective of the Hazara’s and periods of tragedies and most importantly glance on the current genocide of Hazara in Pakistan. It was more of Ideas, facts and demands from international communities rather than a debate. However the session ended with a proposal of creating a lobby comprising of Member of Parliament to chase and address the issues of Hazaras. The other proposal was the resolution to be sent to United Nation to act about humanitarian atrocities in Quetta.

The organiser has to be appreciated who have worked hard to gather the prominent MP’s and raising the motion in a UK’s most prestigious house. Acknowledgments to MP’s who shared their valuable suggestion on what do in the future. This is a point of gratitude that people elaborate today’s conference and taking serious their national issue.

Photos from Abdul Khaliq and Shafqat