Afghan athletes 8 gold medals and a silver at the world Martial Arts Festival 14 earn

The fourth volume of the world Martial Arts Festival from Friday 24 October at Istanbul Turkey began and ended on Monday, October 27, in the course of the Afghan team Dai Fu 8 gold medals, 14 silver and 2 bronze from yonder.

In the Dai Fu men, Professor Mohammad of Arts degree was the owner of the individual gold medal. Homa Hosseini, Ali Hussein Yasser Mohammadi Mohammadi and noble abouzar, group work, individual arts disciplines were the owner of the gold medal and in team work string (kata) with the second-place silver medal when they were their own. Also in the section “” AJ Karachay Khani with gold was the champion of the tournament.

In Dai Fu ladies, somayeh , z. a. and m. a. degree in fine arts with an individual gold in the first place and Dai Fu (technique group) Bronze Medal of the tournament. In the field of (fight) 60 kg in weight, Ali m, also the owner of a silver medal and was in second place.

The fourth volume of this year’s world Martial Arts Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, and in two Olympic sports complex and the held and 1200 athletes in different disciplines of martial arts from 75 countries of the world participated in this festival. Professor Mohammad , Afghanistan team administrator with 3 athletes from Australia and five Afghans refugees from Turkey resident athlete of the team in this period of global martial arts competition.

Professor Mohammad
Professor Mohammad founder and founder of the city of Adelaide resident Dai Fu noodles and Australia. A lot of students during her 33 years in Pakistan, Iran and Australia in this series is that most of them training for Afghanistan at the world championship medal of his business and this time, he also with gold in the individual arts disciplines for created hero and pride.

Dai Fu
Professor Mohammad in the year 2005 ad by creating a new field titled Dai Fu (derived from the word  meaning two steel combat) and its official registration in the martial arts World Federation, an effective step in the realm of martial arts of various countries that harvest Asian and European were welcomed. The string representation is the official Dai Fu in a few countries. The names of all the blows and techniques available in this style are derived from the words sports that his efforts in a book under the title regulations Dai Fu at the world Martial Arts Federation has been registered.

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