Published On: Wed, Apr 25th, 2012

Letter to Ministers of Foreign Affairs

From:…………………(Name)………..a (citizenship/residence/country) Hazara.

To: the respected Minister of Foreign affairs.

Subject: Committing genocide, forced displacement and systematic discriminations against Hazaras in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I carry the grievances of a people who are being persecuted, massacred and systematically discriminated in Pakistan and Afghanistan even in today’s 21st century when there are a number of institutions and organizations such as the UN, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the International Court of Justice etc formed to fight against these crimes.

For more than a century our people have been subjected to genocide, forced displacements, slavery and systematic discriminations which are still continuing in the 21st century.

The terrorists groups backed by the intelligence agencies of the countries involved in the region are slaughtering scores of our people in Quetta, Pakistan, while in Afghanistan the systematic discriminations still continue against them and tens of thousands of Hazara men, women and children become the victims of Kochi Pakhtuns each year. The Kochis backed by the Afghan government and Taliban not only massacre them but rob their properties and displace them forcefully.

Respected Minister of Foreign Affairs,
I request you to not to be indifferent towards the systematic crimes against the Hazaras and fulfill your obligations in this regard as a highest responsible authority in the foreign affairs.

I request you to immediately summon the ambassadors of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Foreign Ministry to inquire them about the systematic crimes committed against Hazaras and ask them to ensure that such crimes won’t repeat in the future.

I request you to take up the issue of systematic crimes against the Hazaras in the responsible national and international forums to create consensus in order to effectively prevent crimes against Hazaras and redress their grievances.

Yours truly,

Name and Signature:


Hazara Timeline Afghanistan and Pakistan

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  1. Hazara says:

    wednesday, 09 May 2012 Demonstration Against Hazara Target killing In Quetta Pakistan And Afghanistan.Near Dutch Parliement From14:00 until 17:00
    Demonstration against unjustice, cruelity, barbarism, cowardness and unhuman deeds of militant groups in Quetta, pakistan.All Hazara are kindly requested to take part to raise your voices against this barbarism and let the rest of world know we do care about humans.
    Het Plein Den Haag
    Plein, 2511 C Den Haag, Netherlands.

  2. hazara says:

    yes it is nice up to date schedules.

  3. برادران و کسانی در راس امور فرار دارید اتحاد وهمبستگی خفظ و رقابت را بگذارید کنار

  4. اکبری says:

    متن انگلیسی این خبر بسیار ضعیف است لطفا تجدید نظر شود

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